Hi, I'm Miiko Shaffier.

I'm a mom of 9 living in Be'er Sheva, Israel. I love doing Pilates and exploring this amazing country with my husband Aaron who is a tour guide of Biblical sites.

I was born in Florida, grew up in Ottawa and lived in New York and California before making Aliya to Israel in 2007

How I Started Teaching Hebrew

A few years ago I came across a live broadcasting app where people all over the world were sharing their lives and knowledge. I wanted to share something connected to Israel. I decided that I wanted to teach people how to read the Hebrew alphabet. 

I started a free live course teaching people the alphabet using fun memory tricks and colorful illustrations. Thousands of people participated and by the end, they were able to read Hebrew! 


My First Book

My students were so happy with my system that they urged me to make it into a book. I took their advise and wrote Learn to Read Hebrew in 6 Weeks. 

I made a Kickstarter campaign to pay for the book design and first printing. The book quickly became a best seller and has since garnered thousands of five star reviews!

Tens of thousands around the world have now  learned to read Hebrew with my book! I began getting the most amazing emails every day from my readers telling me how easy it was to learn!

Many of them wanted to know how they could continue their Hebrew journey.

The Hebrew Work Book and the Hebrew Reader


I got to work creating 2 more books to help my students continue their progress with Hebrew. 

First I created the Hebrew Work Book that teaches how to write in block and cursive and reinforces your reading skills. It also teaches about 100 common words and phrases.

Next, with my husband Aaron, I wrote The Hebrew Reader. It presents famous Hebrew texts in a special format that helps you practice your reading while learning new words. 

Hebrew for Kids

Some of my students told me that what they really wanted was to teach their children Hebrew. I got to work created a series of Kid's books that use colorfully illustrated Bible stories to teach Hebrew vocabulary to kids. I call it the Easy Eevreet Series (Eevreet is how you say Hebrew in Hebrew).

Free and Paid Hebrew Courses

Recently I've taken all that I've learned on this journey and put it into online courses that teach Hebrew through videos, worksheets and quizzes. So far I've created two courses.

I made the content of my best selling book into a free course named after the book, Learn to Read Hebrew in 6 Weeks.

I also made a much more extensive course that teaches Hebrew from the text of the first chapter of Genesis. It's called the Genesis Course. 


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