Have You Dreamed of Visiting the Places where the Stories of the Bible Took Place?

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"Join us as we explore the Land of the Hebrew Bible searching for the unique insights that can only be found by visiting the places where the events happened!"

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Hi I'm Aaron

I’ve had a lifelong fascination with the Hebrew Bible - the Tanach. The Bible is full of geographic information. I believe that by following the Bible’s own map, we can gain deeper insights into the stories and their relevance for us today.

As a tour guide in Israel, I’ve spent the last 12 years researching the sites where the stories of the Tanach happened and sharing them with thousands of my guests from around the world. Now I've created this docuseries to share these sites and stories with YOU! 

More about Aaron:

Aaron is a Torah Scribe, a popular guide of Biblical Israel and a father of 9. He recently starred alongside Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight in the television docuseries, “The Land of Israel - God’s Story”.

Aaron is married to Miiko, author of the bestselling book Learn to Read Hebrew in 6 Weeks”.

Ephraim Wolfe

Ephraim is a Chicago native who has always loved the land of Israel.  He served in the IDF and made aliyah.  He is a father of four and now lives in Beer Sheva

Solal Raphael Ankaoua

I studied film production/editing at the Arts University Bournemouth. However, as I was looking for more meaning towards the final years in university I found I had little interest in the film industry while simultaneously discovering the depths of my own Jewish heritage. For me, this project is the fusion of my passion in filmmaking and my spiritual mission as a Jew.

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